Friday, May 15, 2009

Things I would buy if I weren't on a spending hiatus

This cardigan from Anthropologie. It's like the cardigan I bought right before my spending hiatus, but coral. Coral is one of my favorite colors.

This dress from J Crew. I love dresses, strapless dresses, jersey dresses, summer dresses, and sweetheart necklines. This is all of those things!
A neti pot. If you live in Texas, you know why I need this.

This recipe organizer. I have recipes in all different places, and they get really dirty. This would be nice to have to store and sort them all.

But alas I can't get any of these things. Unless you good people would be willing to get them for me. :)


Nico said...

About the neti pot... you know, a funnel and a french press do the job just as well. Don't ask me how I know.

Lauren M. said...

Yeah...I'm going to have to ask.


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