Monday, May 11, 2009

This post is a joke (kinda)

Even my dog Buster is into this spending hiatus. He loves to recycle and reuse things. The other day, I was in the backyard with him, and he was running around with something black in his mouth. He spotted me and threw it at me. It turned out to be a dead bird.

See? Buster finds dead things and makes them into toys! So clever!

Yesterday, John told me that Buster found a dead lizard/killed a lizard and was playing with it. I've seen him do this with insects. He'll chase them around and pounce on them until they die. Buster is trying to be a conscientious consumer by making new friends and playing with them even after they're dead.

(OK, so I don't really think Buster is trying to recycle. But he does play with dead things. True story.)

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