Monday, June 29, 2009

Can we talk about Rick Bayless?

So. Rick Bayless is a fancy-pants, big-time chef. He's very important. You know, I thought I knew more about him, but it turns out that my knowledge is limited to "fancy-pants, big-time." So here's his official site and bio. If you want to know more about him, read that.

I found out about Rick Bayless from a Food & Wine cookbook. I think F&W puts a new cookbook out every year, the best of the year. We have a couple.

The first Rick Bayless recipe we made was this shrimp recipe. Friends, it is WAY good. It's not too hot if you seed the peppers like it tells you to. So do that. I've made this before without the peppers and it's still really good and garlicy. The mojo can keep in the fridge for a couple weeks, so you can make it and save it. It's good on all types of meats.

Then we made two other Bayless recipes. One was a quesadilla. It was good, but it took like an hour to make. A quesadilla should be like a grilled cheese sandwich - something simple and quick and good. If it takes an hour, you're not doing it right.

The other dish was a tortilla casserole. Oh sure, Bayless said it wasn't a tortilla casserole, but it totally was. That's not why I was mad at him though. I was mad because you put two whole cans of chipotles en adobo in there, without seeding them. This dish was HOT. Like, Hades hot. So hot I couldn't eat it at all. So hot I cried after eating one bite. So eff you, Rick Bayless, for making me waste two hours and loads of food on a dish so hot I couldn't eat it.

So I was kind of mad at Rick Bayless for awhile, because he makes things that take too long and are really, really hot. I like his shrimp recipe, but I didn't like his other recipes.

And then Rick Bayless was on Top Chef Masters last week. He was really corny and kind of like a cheesy uncle. He made tongue tacos, and one of the people he was serving asked him to slip him some tongue. Rick thought this was hilarious and told that story twice, just like a corny uncle would.

And then he won that round! So Rick Bayless has endeared himself to me by making good food and being a huge dork. I totally changed my mind about him.

And he's on Twitter! How cool is that?


Anonymous said...

I used to watch him on TV. He loves his mocahete.

Julie said...

Thompson! He has a great show on PBS, but it doesn't air in Dallas anymore (Mexico: One Plate at a Time). He shot an entire season based on food of the Yucatan Peninsula that looked so delicious it inspired me and Dan to honeymoon there. And yes, he's so corny, but I love him, too (but his daughter is unwatchable).


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