Friday, June 19, 2009

This morning

So much happens before I even leave the house.

5:33 am - My alarm goes off. I look at it, confused. Why is it going off? What is that noise? Where/who am I?

5:37 am - Get out of bed. Let Buster outside.

5:38 am - Find workout clothes.

5:39 am - Get dressed.

5:40 am - Find iPod and headphones. Decide to download Black Eyed Peas "Imma Be" since it was on So You Think You Can Dance.

5:53 am - Finally leave house. Jog.

6:21 am - Halfway point!

6:45 am - Get back to my house. Drink 2 glasses of water.

6:50 am - Take a shower. Brush teeth. Put on moisturizer. Put on makeup.

7:05 am - Decide not to dry hair. Let hair dry naturally, with mixed results.

7:06 am - Put shirt in dryer to get all the wrinkles out. Turn on iron to iron pants.

7:08 am - Iron pants.

7:13 am - Get dressed in various rooms of the house - laundry room for shirt, living room for pants, bedroom for shoes and earrings, office for necklace.

7:20 am - Put together lunch of yogurt and granola and get the rest of the days snacks.

7:25 am - Pour coffee, mix in soy milk and sugar. Toast waffle for breakfast.

7:27 am - Spread peanut butter on waffle. Get work bag, purse, coffee and waffle all ready to go.

7:30 am - Kiss John goodbye.

7:33 am - Tilt coffee too far, spilling it on coffee table, floor and waffle. Curse loudly and frequently.

7:34 am - Discourage dog from licking coffee off floor.

7:35 am - Clean up coffee. Clean up floor. Make new waffle.

7:36 am - While new waffle is toasting, put bag, purse and coffee in car to avoid more mishaps.

7:38 am - Spread peanut butter on new waffle.

7:40 am - Leave house.

7:41 am - Drop purse on waffle, getting peanut butter on purse.

7:42 am - Wipe peanut butter off purse.

7:43 am - Eat waffle anyway. Can't waste two waffles in one morning.

7:45 am - Think about how The New Waffle would be a good band name.

8:05 am - Arrive at work.



Carolyn said...

dude... what time do you go to bed??

Melita said...

lmao, wow, what a morning. all in a day's work, eh?!

Melita said...

carolyn has a good question, what time do you go to bed when you have to get up at that ungodly hour??

make sure you stop by my blog, i gave you an award :)


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