Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Shout Outs

We all know I'm awesome, but did you know there are other awesome people out there? Let's meet them!

Sincerely Yours, Kate - Kate is a friend I've known for years. We're in dinner club together! We used to live together! Kate has curly hair and will talk to you about bodily functions. She doesn't use a lot of contractions, but I love her anyway.
Why Kate is awesome: Kate blogs about food and clothes a lot, two things I love. And she takes cool photos. I need to figure out how she does that.

Hang on Little Tomato - I've known Carolyn since she moved to Texas in middle school. We went to middle school and high school together. She went to UT, where she roomed with the awesome Julie Ta. We've recently gotten back in touch through the magic of the Internet.
Why Carolyn is awesome: Carolyn is very frank and honest about her life, her emotions, her struggles, her opinions. I admire that. I think it takes a great amount of strength to say some of the things she says on the Internet, for anyone to read.

Girl Goes Green - Nicolette and I went to the same college, but were different years. We worked at the same place after college, and we work at the same place again now. We are both coordinators and we work together on a lot of projects. Nicolette can put together some awesome outfits. She has an air of quiet confidence to her. Apparently she went by Nicky in school, which is just unacceptable. She is a Nicolette, that's for sure.
Why Nicolette is awesome: One of her passions is for green living. Recycling, organic foods, basically being good to the earth. Lots of people say this, but I feel like Nicolette really lives it. Bonus, she's in a band!

Gussying Up the Tuttle - Melita is someone I've never met in real life. She's a blogger in West Virginia who I think I met via Carolyn's blog. Like me, she's a hardcore Twitter addict.
Why Melita is awesome: Melita is cool! She's very open about her life too. She's had some struggles lately, but she's so strong, she'll make it through.

So that's some more awesome people! I hope you go visit them, bookmark them, follow them, friend them, etc.


Carolyn said...

Lauren - Thanks so much for the shout-out and love!!!!!! Totally made my day :)

Melita said...

aww thanks. this really made my day. i have hit a bit of a rough patch recently but i am working on another plan that is a passion for me. stay tuned for the unveiling :)


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