Monday, July 27, 2009

Il Sogno

Sooooooo, I am kind of a foodie. Kind of. I like food. No, I LOVE food. I like to cook food, and serve food, and read about food, and write about food, and take pictures of food. I like to try new food. I love to try new restaurants.

If you're not familiar with Andrew Weissman, he's one of the most prolific top chefs in San Antonio. He has the flagship restaurant, Le Reve, which was on Gourmet's top 50 restaurants IN THE COUNTRY. I've been before, and it is phenomenal. He also has Sip, a coffee shop, Sandbar, a seafood restaurant, and Big'z, a burger joint.
His latest restaurant, the much talked about Il Sogno, was supposed to open at the beginning of this year. That didn't happen. Rumors said it would open this summer. But it wasn't until an article this past week in the San Antonio Current that I had some answers - Il Sogno would open soon, July or August. Construction was still going on, but it would open.

Il Sogno is located near a new area, the Pearl Brewery, which is an old beer brewery and is now home to lofts, restaurants, and, every Saturday, a farmer's market.

I follow the farmer's market on Facebook and they said on Friday that Il Sogno would be opening for breakfast on Saturday. As big fans of Chef Weissman, John and I had to go.

We showed up at 7:50 am for the breakfast. I ordered the coddled eggs, John ordered the speck and provolone panini and we split a bread basket.


So awesome that we had to come back with Kate and Sam for dinner the next day. Here's the Bismark pizza. Can you tell it has an egg on it? A delicious, delicious egg? Because it does.

They serve grissini as you sit and wait. We also had a duck flatbread, scallops, hog ragu, and rabbit. The ragu? Was knock-you-on-your-ass fantastic.

They didn't have their liquor license yet, but they gave us wine anyway! This picture is courtesy of the adorable French sommelier from Le Reve, who was at Il Sogno on Sunday. He has taught us about the tiny bubbles in champagne, and how much he likes Sam's shirt.

I can't wait to go back!


Julie said...

Looks so good! I love eggs-they should top everything. That is also why I love Korean food. They screw the parsley and choose a fucking fried egg to garnish the dish instead. Brilliant.

Melita said...

omg, looks great. i so wish we lived closer. as much as ryan and i love food and love to cook i know we'd have a grand time :)

Kate said...

What, no photo of the end of the grissini eating? It was SOOOOOOOOOOO Lady and the Tramp. Awwwwww.

p.s. I am using all of my self restraint NOT to go back and eat at Il Sogno every day. In fact, my self restraint lost this morning and we headed there for breakfast, but they are closed to train staff today. Arg.


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