Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why are you here?

Some of you are here because you're my friend, or a friend of a friend. But some of you are here because you found me somehow in the ether of the Internet. Let's take a look at some of the Internet searches that landed you here on the magical soft pillow of my blog:

  • onion goggles
  • Il Sogno - A lot of you are here for that. I understand why, they don't have their real site up yet, so you are forced to google it and find me.
  • how to rub someone's blog en blogspot - This I do not understand. People, please do not go rubbing on other people's blogspots. That is just rude and gross.
  • make marscapone - surely you can just buy it?
  • "cake-baking"-"utensils" blogspot - who doesn't love cake?
  • how doyou make a hard chocolate topping for cake - Buy it a drink! Heyo! I'll be here all night!
From this information, I can only conclude that some of you really like cooking and going to Il Sogno, and at least one of you likes rubbing blogs. You, sir, are disgusting.

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