Sunday, November 8, 2009


I've been having some running problems lately. Pain in my Achilles tendon, tight calves, shin splints. I haven't run in 9 days, hoping to rest my body enough for the marathon. I've decided that I'm going to do the half-marathon no matter how I can, whether it's running or walking. I've been gearing up all week to run 10 miles today. I decided that I would stretch well, and just do my best, but I wouldn't stop until I hit 10 miles. I felt like I needed to do 10 miles one more time before the marathon.

But as I was stretching this morning, the thunder started rolling and the sky opened up and the rain poured down. Sigh. So I had to do some aerobics instead. It's stopped raining now, but it still looks like it will rain so I don't think I'll run today.

This disappoints me because I was counting on this 10 mile run today to put my mind at ease for the marathon, to prepare me for what will be an ordeal. And since I'd spent so much time psyching myself up for it, to not do it seems like a failure on my part.

I think I'm gonna try for 10 miles tomorrow. It will be long and tiring, since I'll have to do it after work, but I feel like I need to get it done before the marathon.

Wish me luck!


Living in Denver said...

Don't put so much pressure on yourself if the risk of more serious injury is a possibility. Please check with a doctor soon. Our trip to see y'all is NOT the reason to force yourself to do something that is not healthy. We'd be just as happy to be there and visit with you and John.

Melissa said...

You're ready for this,.... I'll be sending you happy thoughts tomorrow. Either way, regardless of how fast you run it, or walk it. You will have done it & once you've completed one.. I think you'll be really ready for it next time!

MGS Fotografie said...

you can do it! I found when I ran my first half-marathon that it was more painful to walk than it was to run...and I had only run a 10-mile run once before the actual race...don't worry too much about it and don't exert yourself too hard!


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