Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best Weekend EVER

So this weekend I ran a half-marathon, got to see my mom and Julius, and John gave me my birthday present early!

So pretty! I've already downloaded a bunch of apps and played around on it. It's awesome! I've been wanting a new phone for forever, and an iPhone, but then the Droid came out and I was paralyzed trying to decide between the two. And with the holidays coming, I decided to wait on getting a new phone at all until next year. But John went ahead and made the decision for me, which is infinitely better than me trying to decide.

So I've got a pretty new iPhone 3GS! And a new phone number! And some apps! But I need more apps. I'm using Echofon for my personal Twitter and Twitterific for my work Twitter. Any suggestions on a good Twitter app that I can have multiple Twitter accounts on? I like how Echofon works but it doesn't seem able to do multiple Twitter accounts.

If you've got app recommendations, leave them in the comments. If you want my new number, let me know and I'll email it to you.


Living in Denver said...

Free apps I recommend: Wikipanion for quickly getting people or other facts (like what is soft water, Bump for sharing contacts with friends, Shazam -name that tune, PS Mobile for quick editing your snapshots, Sudoku, for whe you're bored, Public Radio to cath Car Talk on other timezones, Pandora, you already got that, Skype for making overseas calls on the cheap, Genius, for camera zoom (99 cents).

Brian in AK said...

I'm so jealous I don't think we can be friends anymore.

Living in Denver said...

I forgot the two apps in my front page: Bible and Facebook, and Google


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