Sunday, November 22, 2009

It was wine bottling

John and I and Sam and Kate trekked over to Woodrose Winery yesterday to help bottle some wine. Our hopes were that we'd get some free wine out of it.

They have this giant machine to fill the bottles. It looks kinda like a milking machine. Some nosy old volunteer lady told me I was filling them too fast. But the guy who worked there said we were fine, so the next time Ms. Busybody came over, we told her he said it was fine. I really hate people who try to tell you what to do when they have no idea.

Then, there's the corking machine and the machine that seals the foils onto the top. It's kinda fun. We worked for maybe 45 minutes. They give you wine to drink while you work, and then they gave us each a free bottle when we were done!
Afterwards, we had some tastings and bought some wine. They have an awesome patio where they serve you wine. It's in the middle of this forest, so it makes for a great view in the afternoon.
This is a terrible picture of the winery dog, Cork. He was adorable and huge and covered in mud. He kept moving when I tried to take a picture of him.

So that was my winery experience. If you like wine, and there are wineries near you, I highly recommend doing some tasting and seeing if they have volunteer days. It was fun, and you get free wine!

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