Thursday, November 26, 2009

What I'm Thankful For

Thanks, both irreverent and otherwise.

  • Wine
  • Crumbly cheeses
  • Creamy cheeses
  • Stinky cheeses
  • My families, all of them
  • My husband, who assured me that I only yell at him when he's being a doofus and bought me an iPhone!
  • Boots!
  • My dog, who is always so excited to see me
  • San Antonio, for being a smallish city with margaritas and guacamole
  • My work, which lets me explore my tech side and my marketing side while working with awesomely funny, outrageous, diverse, and dedicated coworkers
  • My wedding, which was everything I wanted it to be
  • My parents, who have taught me everything I know about drinking beer and buying petite clothes
  • French fries
  • The Internet for 1) giving me a job and 2) being awesome
  • Glee, for making me laugh and cry and buy too many songs
  • My health, which I am more grateful for every day
  • My friends, all of them, for being there for me, always
  • Dresses
  • My blog readers!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all! First one to eat the whole turducken winssssssssss!

1 comment:

Erin said...

I was getting worried that dresses weren't on the list...but then i got to the end of the list. that's all...


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