Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Angela and Rob got married!

Angela and Rob got married! I've known Angela since the 5th grade. I don't know why, but she has been my friend ever since, despite the fact that I am clearly insane. We've been to dances, sleepovers, concerts, everything in our formative years together. One time, we drove all the way to Addison to the Car Spa. That was an exciting day.

Angela and Rob got married at the old courthouse in Dallas. John and I came up for the wedding and to see my mom for Christmas.

It's not a Rob event without some dragons.

We got there about 12 minutes late and almost missed the whole ceremony! What kind of wedding starts on time, I ask you? Not one I've ever been to, til now. We didn't miss the important parts, like the booze.

And the cake! The cake was delicious.

This is Angela and her dad. They started out dancing slow, and then there was a record scratch. They tossed their shoes off and started boogying on down to a fast rock number. It was hilarious!

Here is Marie giving her awesome, impromptu toast. You'd never known she didn't rehearse it.

Going to weddings for high school friends means I get to see all my old high school friends! Katie Richardson, Marie Charlson, Sarah Gardner, and Julie Ta were there. Some of those girls are married now, but I'm not gonna bother with their married names, because they're always gonna have those name in my heart.

Angela and Rob made the spectacular choice to get a photo booth. I've never been to a wedding with one, and I highly recommend it. Did you know you can fit 6 people in that booth?

Congratulations Angela and Rob!

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Brian in AK said...

That photo booth is a great idea. If I could, I think I'd just knock the back wall out of one and carry it around everywhere as my camera of choice. Photo booth landscapes? Oh yeah.


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