Monday, January 11, 2010

Meet Tuck!

This is Tuck. He is our new puppy.

We got him from a family giving away puppies on Craigslist. I don't know what kind of dog Tuck is, but his mother looked like a reddish Shepherd mix. So who knows what Tuck will look like? All I know is that he is adorable right now.

We took him to the vet when we got him, and he has fleas and worms. So he's getting treatment for that so he can grow up and play with Buster.

Speaking of Buster, Buster really has no idea what to do with the puppy. He tries to play with the puppy by bopping him on the head, which is far too rough. But whenever Tuck tries to play with him by biting and pawing, Buster backs away. Buster is very very confused.

Tuck is getting more active every day. Pretty soon, he'll be a crazy puppy, just like Buster was.


Melita said...

oh my goodness tuck is so adorable as is buster. hugs!!

Liz said...

omg so CUTE!!

Especially the video. awww


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