Monday, February 8, 2010

Samwar's DUK

What can I say about Samwar's DUK that Kate hasn't already said?

I think I will let Kate say it all, because it was her DUK, at her apartment. I would just like to add some facts:

-Jason Dady wanted me to bring my puppy. But Kate told him Tuck would have utterly stolen the show. He is just that cute.
-Jason Dady called me "puddin."

-The server, Josh, cut himself on a glass, but kept working through the bleeding and the pain. We toasted him for his trouble.
-People draw lewd things when they're drunk.

-9 bottles of wine between 10 people will get you as drunk as 10 bottles.
-John is also now obsessed with getting a home immersion circulator, much to my dismay.

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