Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spending Hiatus - What I can buy

Just to clarify, there are still things I will be buying, like food. Food is a necessity. But I will stop buying random food when I have food at home that I could eat. That's one way I'm going to save money.

I'll still have to buy presents for Mother's Day and Father's Day, but I'm going to try and make gifts this year. For Mother's Day, I'm writing down memories of my mom, things she's taught me, and questions I have for her, which I'm going to put in a jar so she can open them up one at a time. It doesn't cost me anything, but better than that, it's a more meaningful gift than flowers.

I will keep buying things like shampoo and conditioner and deodorant, because while they might not be absolutely necessary, I need them in order to go to work, or hang out with my friends. But I am going to stop buying hair stuff just because I want it.

So that's what I can buy.


Kate said...

Um, so what about fun restaurant spending... like dinner specials at The Lodge? Can you still enjoy those in moderation. One (me, specifically!) might argue that restaurant spending qualifies as experiential spending, rather than rampant consumerism spending, and is therefore of value to your daily life (...Sandbar...?).

Lauren M. said...

I agree Kate. For nice dinners, I still will go all out, because otherwise what's the point? But I'm going to try to stop going out for lunch just because I'm bored, or eating out for dinner just because I don't feel like cooking. I feel like those are the kinds of things I can save money on (in order to afford Sandbar!).

Carolyn said...

I failed MISERABLY at my shopping hiatus. Perhaps you will serve as new inspiration? :-) P.S. that's a great mother's day idea - i might steal it!


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