Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tweet this

I read this blog post today, and it got me thinking about Twitter. I'm on Twitter (@ohmypuddin) and I love it. I like following local restaurants and meeting social media folks. I like that I can have a one-on-one conversation with companies. I also use Twitter for work, where I tweet as an entity. You see, I view Twitter as a way to send messages one-to-many AND one-to-one. It's a chance for me, at my job, to converse with many people and one person at the same time.

This guy doesn't get it though. He compares Twitter to CB radios, because he just follows random people he finds. He doesn't seek out anything that might have personal meaning to him, or people he could learn from. He doesn't try to find people he knows personally.

Here's one of the ways I think twitter is awesome: I was on (it's pandora + twitter) and I liked a song I'd never heard of before, "Kool Kids" by Justin Trawick, so I tweeted it. Justin found me on Twitter and sent me a message about it.

See? I liked a random song and the singer found me. Now, because he took the time to find me, I'll listen to his other songs and follow him on Twitter.

To me, that's the whole beauty of Twitter. It opens up this whole world of other people and relationships. I hope that blog writer realizes that some day.

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