Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crawfish Boil

Have you ever been to a crawfish boil? It's basically a big backyard party with lots of live crawfish, who get boiled and eaten. Very popular along the Gulf Coast. My husband John and I went to one recently, thrown my a coworker of his. About 40 people where slated to come, so there were 5 pounds of crawfish per person, which is about right. Crawfish are mostly shell. You have to twist the tails off and shell the tails to get to the meat.

My parents are both from the South and they met in college in Louisiana. I've heard a lot of stories about crawfish boils, but my favorite one is the time that they put all the live crawfish in a kiddie pool in the backyard and then they (my parents, not the crawfish) started drinking. In the drunken melee, all of the crawfish escaped into the woods. My parents and everyone else drunkenly tried to catch them, but they were gone. That is my favorite crawfish story - the one where they got away.

The crawfish boil John and I went to didn't have any such mishaps. It was afternoon of crawfish, corn, sausage and brownies. Good times.


Carolyn said...

growing up in Lafayette, crawfish boils were a weekly activity. basically i'd just run around with my friends and pop over to my mom or dad in time for them to shove some freshly peeled crawfish in my mouth. oh and i LOVED the corn and potatoes... yummmmm

Cris said...

I never get tired up of eating crawfish boil!!


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