Saturday, May 2, 2009

What I did today instead of spending money

-Went to the Pearl Farmer's Market this morning. We bought lamb chops, beets, kohlrabi, onions, blackberries, spinach, leeks and peaches. I've eaten two peaches today, and we roasted the beets, cooked the lamb chops, and ate the spinach and onion in a salad. We're going to eat the leeks tomorrow. Clearly, we don't believe in delayed gratification.

Also, this doesn't count as spending money, because John paid for it. :) Hey, if I don't spend it, it doesn't count, right?

-Cleaned out my closet. I made a pile of stuff to give to Goodwill and rediscovered clothes that are cute but I don't wear them. It's like having new clothes!

-Organized the pantry. It is a crazy unorganized mess in there, but I straightened it.

-Cleaned off John's "work bench" aka his table in the office. (I'm beginning to realize most of my day sounds like what my friend Christine would call "married stuff." Mostly domestic crap.)

-Finished my mom's Mother's Day gift. Pictures to come. I like this idea so much, I'm going to do one for my dad for Father's Day!

-Thought about going to get ice cream, opted instead for pudding I had in the fridge.

-Cleaned the kitchen.

-Played with Buster. He's our 1.5 year old mutt. He's a good dog. I'll have to write a post on him someday.


Samwar said...

Instead of taking your clothes to Goodwill, you should try selling them at a consignment shop first. And then if that doesn't work, just ake them to Goodwill.

Lauren M. said...

Good idea Sam. I also thought about finding a women's shelter and donating my clothes there next time.


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