Friday, August 21, 2009

Reality TV Recap

Top Chef
Top Chef season 6 premiered on Wednesday. I love Top Chef. Padma always looks high, Tom has a weird goatee thing, the cheftestants are clearly insane, but I love it. And my favorite part of this ep? Guest judge Wolfgang Puck! Not only is he a great cook, he's hilarious! Throwing donuts, cracking up the other judges, he's awesome. Look at him! Doesn't he sound just like Frank (Martin Short) in Father of the Bride?

I was really glad the girl with the spacers went home. Her ears scared me. The French guy with the neckerchief cracks me up, and Michael is already on my shit list.

Top Chef Masters

My favorite dorky uncle Rick Bayless won! I was just glad Chiarello didn't win. He's such an ass.

Highlights: the judges make strange guttural noises. Ha!

Project Runway
I don't care what station PR is on, I'll watch it. As long as my mentor, Tim Gunn, is on it. Make it work!

Ha, that Ari Fish, what a nutbar. I was kind of shocked she was sent home, they usually keep the conceptual people over the boring people. But she was just too conceptual.

I would like to point out that Miss Shirin Askari is from Garland, my hometown. I am rooting for her, just for that. She seems like she has a shot.

There is also a dude who has only one name, Epperson. Not really caring for the name, but he has the skillz, as the kids say. People already getting on my nerves: the Asian dude with the hair. You know which one I'm talking about. Yeah. His hair gets to me.


aferraro said...

Classic - that kid admires himself as his "Favorite Designer". They should have changed his name to dbag.

Julie said...

What a coincidence--Dan and I watched Father of the Bride last night! I love Martin Short's character in that movie.

The Nugen's said...

I also am so glad that Bayless won! I was rooting for him or Hubert. And yes, Chiarello is an a**!

Amy said...

Is Michael the ass who made that comment about women chefs in the quickfire? Because if so, he is a total ass and I've been rooting for his ousting since that first comment. Prick.

I was elated Rick Bayless won. I like the Italian guy, too, but it was clear Rick was a better chef. And I am dying to go to wine country and find his restaurant some day. Loved the gutteral noises from the judges. It illustrated perfectly how wonderful that dish has to be.

I'm a Twitter hater. Don't really care to learn any more about it than what I already know. We tweeted from our conference. Talk about lame. I even hated typing that we "tweeted." Ugh.

I miss you Lauren! Glad I can follow your quirky thoughts online. :)


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