Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sarah and Chris got married!

Sarah is John's sister. We went to Cleveland last weekend for her wedding.

John, his brother Matt, and his sister Christina were in the wedding, as was Christina's boyfriend Joe. That's Christina and Matt there, laughing at Joe at the rehearsal. They are taking their wedding duties seriously, obviously.

We had the rehearsal at the church and then went to Frankie's for the rehearsal dinner. It was basically an all meat dinner, a vegetarian's nightmare. The appetizer was ribs, pork shoulder and sausage and peppers. The APPETIZER. SO MUCH MEAT.

It was John's grandma's birthday last weekend, so Chris and Sarah had a special birthday cake for her. Grandma cried. In addition to being a beautiful gesture, it was a delicious cake! Butter pecan.

The wedding took place the next day. Chris doesn't always show it, but he's a big sap. He was very emotional during the ceremony and started crying when Sarah walked down the aisle. They kept things traditional, so he had never seen the dress before. It was really sweet. Chris might never admit that he cried, but I have photographic proof.

I think the theme of the weekend was food. Lots of food. We had pork schnitzel, stuffed cabbage, and mashed potatoes at the reception, along with a lot of wine and champagne. A lot of alcohol. It's disconcerting to be so drunk while the sun is still shining. After the reception, Chris and Sarah had everyone over to their house. John and I went back to the hotel to change and I had a wee nap that I almost didn't wake up from, and then we went over to their house to eat more food, as if we needed it.

On Sunday we all met up for breakfast and then went to the airport. Due to freak weather, me and John hung out at the airport with Chris and Sarah, John's parents and John's grandma, all of whom had delayed flights through Atlanta. It was great because we thought were going to be bored for hours, but we had lots of people to hang out with.

It was a great weekend! We had a lot of fun and now Chris and Sarah are frolicking in Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Congrats y'all!

We couldn't NOT decorate the car, right?

John's dad thinks they should become a comedy duo, The Straight Man and the Other Guy. Which is which? You vote!

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