Monday, October 19, 2009

Jarret and Casey got married!

Or you could say, Casey got Raim-ed. But I don't, because I'm a LADY.

Jarret and Casey got married on Saturday. I knew a lot about their wedding going in, because Jarret and Casey are1) our friends
2) in Dinner Club
3) Dogsitters for Buster and dog leavers of Zoidberg (their dog)

So we see them all the time and hang out together and watch our dogs run around in circles, blabbedy bloo blee. Yeah. So I knew a lot about their wedding. Also, I had volunteered to be Casey's wedding day coordinator because I know how stressful wedding planning is, and I know at some point you look at everything that needs to get done ON YOUR WEDDING DAY, and you say, oh shit, who the shit is gonna DO all that? I have to get my hair and nails and makeup done and take photos and put on a big white dress and I don't have time to make sure the buffet is set up! SHIT! So I volunteered to do that for Casey and was happy to.

The wedding extravaganza started on Friday with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

See how Sam, Jon Stern, Roger and John aren't paying attention? This will be a running theme.

After the rehearsal dinner, the guys had to go write their toast and the wives went to go get some frozen yogurt while they wrote.

We told approximately 753 poop jokes. I'm pretty sure we grossed out the staff.

The next morning, I was tasked with getting flowers for the brunch at the Magnolia Pancake Haus. This unnerved me, having so much responsibility. So I asked Kate to help. Look what a good job we did!
I don't think I have to tell you how much we congratulated ourselves on our flower-choosing abilities. We rock!

The Magnolia Pancake Haus has some amazing, huge breakfasts. It seems like it'd be a great hangover breakfast place.

Then it was time to get ready for the wedding. Brides have to start getting ready early.

But groomsmen do not take getting ready very seriously.

But brides do, because they know that after all the nails and makeup and hair and Spanx and jewelry and a big white dress, they'll look like this:


Then there were some bridal party photos, where we say our wedding photographers, Jenn and Kaylinn at Bend the Light. They're awesome, y'all. Who else would come up with this photo?
And now, there ceremony! Casey's stepfather officiated and other family gave readings. All of the readings were great.

At the cocktail hour, I failed to take pictures of the awesome appetizers: duck quesadillas, bacon-wrapped chicken, and spanakopita. So good! I also forgot to take pictures of when we opened the window and waved at all the people leaving the show at the Majestic.

But John did take some pictures of Kate and I singing our hearts out to "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. There other photos, but they are very embarrassing.

And then there was some dancing and some great toasts. It was all very personal and fun and great, just like Jarret and Casey. This is when I stopped taking photos and just danced until midnight. It was great. Congratulations, Jarret and Casey!

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