Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Great BBQ Cookoff of 2009

It all started with a little bragging. You see, John makes ribs. Good ribs. He's even got his own rib recipe, in which he makes his own BBQ sauce. He calls this recipe "Delicious Jerk Ribs Recipe." He's made it for his parents. His dad was telling Joe, Christina's boyfriend, about the ribs. Joe said his dad makes good ribs. And then Allison, the Madrids' childhood friend, started talking about her dad's rib recipe.
And thus the Great BBQ Cookoff of '09 was born.

It was scheduled for Friday night. About 20 people came over to taste the ribs. I made scorecards where the ribs were judged on tenderness, texture, taste, and overall ribiness.

These are John's ribs. They are super mega spicy hot. If I had made a "Burn Your Lips Off" category, he would've been a shooin.

These are Allison's. Her's were smoky and tangy. Delicious.

These are Joe's dad's. Very delicious. He won by a mere 2 points over John!

So that was the Great BBQ Cookoff of 2009. Winner must make all the ribs next year. Ha!

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Living in Denver said...

They all looked yummy. Wish I were one of the judges to taste test it.


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