Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Hangover

Get in my belly, gravy!

I'm suffering, y'all. No, I'm not queasy or headache-y. I'm hungry.

After days of endless snacking on chips and hummus, gorging myself on wine and turkey, eating pie and cupcakes after every meal, making bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast, my stomach expanded to fill my entire torso. Now that the holiday is over, I don't have the food reserves available to me. But my body does not care.

My body is demanding baked fruit and cheesy broccoli. It needs some ribs. It would even do with some Skyline Chili, if only it was followed by a glass of wine and a slice of apple pie.

My bloated stomach won't accept substitutes, y'all. It rejects my granola and yogurt and oranges and vegetables not smothered in cheese. It has no idea what to do with the hours after dinner, with no delicious dessert to digest.

My senses are unnaturally alert from the copious lack of wine in my system. My liver is postively robust today.

This is what detox must be like. Help me, blog readers. Send some stuffing my way.


Kate said...

You know it! I am suffering post Thanksgiving hangover too, and my stomach wants dessert...after every meal (breakfast included). And I am not talking about any measly cookie from a box or a snack pack pudding desesrt. I want a huge slab of pecan pie, with whipped cream. Too bad I ate the last piece yesterday...

The Nugen's said...

Congrats on finishing NaBloPoMo!! You and dad are the only ones who stuck it out with me, even though we all had our days where we barely wrote much!! It's hard to come up with topics for daily writing! See you soon!

Lyla said...

hahahahahaha....This is quite possibly your best post ever. It's like your stomache and mine have been talking, and they say " Unless that baby carrot has cheese and chocolate on it, send it back." Way to tap into the GI tract Lauren :)!

Sarah said...

It is not to often that a Texan references Skyline chili. As a Cincinnati, I need to know how you know Skyline?

ohmypuddin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ohmypuddin said...

We visited my sister-in-law in Cincinnati for Thanksgiving.


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