Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Or, as John calls it, NaPoBloMe.

I made it! I had 30 posts in November, each unique and delicate as snowflakes. Profane, cheese-loving snowflakes.

I learned that this writing shit is hard, yo. I am not so good with forcing posts out. (That's what she said!) (Sorry.) But, when pressed, I can definitely come up with something to say every day. This should surprise no one, including my father, who once told me I didn't shut up my entire 7th grade year.

Sure, I might have back-dated a couple posts to meet the deadline. There were some throwaway posts in there. I had to pre-write some posts before I went out of town. But I'm gonna call this venture a success. You got 30 posts in November, I got to blather on, we all win.

1 comment:

Brian in AK said...

Good for you. I've enjoyed the window into your world.


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