Monday, November 2, 2009

The Saucier's Apprentice's Wife

Who is the Saucier's Apprentice's Wife? Me.

Ever since we saw Julie & Julia, John has been on a cooking rampage. He bought Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which is one billion pages long and contains recipes for aspic (vomit). He also bought this little book right here.

It's a whole book about sauces.

See how old it looks, like it was written by people who have hours and hours to make sauces? Or who have money to pay people to make sauces?

I am not one of these people.

This is a diagram of the sauces you can make. First, you must make your own stock. Then you make a Demi-Glace. Then, you finally make the sauce you want. All of which takes a lot of time.

So, a couple weeks ago, John and I trucked down here:
to get 18 pounds worth of bones:

which now live in my freezer:

To make these sauces, John bought a 32 quart stockpot. I told him he had to find someplace to put it before he bought it.

His solution was to buy a bookcase:

so we could move all of our cookbooks off the top of the fridge and move this up there:

I put it next to a coffee cup for perspective. I tried to make Buster sit next to the stockpot, but he is scared of it. Probably because it is bigger than he is.

So yeah, we haven't actually made any stocks or sauces yet. We don't have a spare 38 hours to make all this stuff. But it will happen someday.



Living in Denver said...

You guys are too funny. Buying a recipe book ended up with buying more cooking equipment (I love aspic BTW).
And then buying a boot which then requires you to buy a new jeans.

Erin said...

Regarding the Saucier's Apprentice's Wife post....I laughed my butt off. Am impressed by the size of the pot. And the picture of Buster at the end, priceless.
Thanks babe. Miss you!


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