Tuesday, November 3, 2009

These boots are made for walkin'

Aren't they beautiful? I spent 2 hours at DSW this weekend, trying on all these boots. I finally settled on these, in brown, instead of buying sensible work shoes. A foolish choice, you might say. But you cannot argue that it's a badass choice.

Then I had to figure out what to wear these with. They don't go with any of my dresses, really, and my pants and jeans are bootcut, so they won't fit into the boots. If I wanted to wear them outside of pants, I'd have to buy (gulp) skinny jeans.

I am against skinny jeans. I don't think many people look good in them. I know I don't, because I am hourglass shaped and they only accentuate my thighs. But I bought a cheap pair at Old Navy just to wear with the boots. And they look pretty good. The jeans were too long, so I just cut off the bottoms because I'll never wear them not with boots. I'll have to post a pic soon.

So there you go. I bought boots and skinny jeans. I have lost my damn mind but look great doing it.


The Nugen's said...

Just buy a long sweater and cover up butt and thighs (NOT THAT YOU NEED THAT) but I agree that the majority of people do not look good in skinny jeans!

Kate said...

I work on a college campus (like you) where a few of the girls are perfect for skinny jeans, but most aren't and still wear them all tight and too low and bulging around campus. I admire their self confidence, but want to give them pirated video tapes of What Not to Wear. However, having seen you in said skinny jeans and your new boots, I can say without hesitation that you rocked the look and you looked hot. You are like one of those well dressed manikins that Stacy and Clinton show poorly dressed folks. Girl, you lookin' good!

Stephanie said...

Too bad blogs don't have a "like" button. :-)


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