Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Renovation Station

John's parents came to San Antonio to help us put in a new back door. Here's the old back door, a sliding glass door:

Here's the new one:I apologize for the crappy lighting. These are French doors with blinds in the glass. It keeps the kitchen from burning up.

The doors only took a day, so John and his dad decided to put in a new floor in the office. Our hot water heater had leaked, getting water under the floor in there and warping the wood laminate. So we got some new Pergo floors.

Buster enjoys them. Also, John and I do, because they are pretty.

We also learned that you can use onion goggles as safety glasses.

That's John's dad. He officiated our wedding and he lets me take pictures of him wearing onion goggles. John's mom is a good gossiper. They are awesome

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Looks great. I hope to do that to our sliding door next summer.


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