Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shock and awe

Today's post was supposed to be about dinner club, but instead will be about what is happening to my body. Right now my skin is covered in small red bumps. I woke up this way and didn't really know what to do. I've been on an antiobiotic now for nine days, so I didn't think it was an allergic reaction. But it was one of the side effects listed to call the doctor immediately. So I did, but they don't open until 9. I found out when I called at 9 that my doc isn't even in today, so I went to my doctor's urgent care center next door. There, I found out that I am allergic to sulfur, which is causing my rash and making me itchy and making my skin feel like it's going to burn off my body.

After I filled my meds, I went back to work because there's nothing seriously wrong with me. But I'm now regretting it because I'm really hot and itchy and want to take a bath in ice water while scratching myself.

I've got a different antiobiotic now and a steriod to make the rash go away. So hopefully this will go away soon.

That's what's happening with my body.

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