Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas in San Antonio

After Christmas in Dallas, we came back to San Antonio to see my father, brother, aunts, and grandparents.
This is my cousin Elizabeth. She begged us to come over early on Christmas so we could open presents, but when we got there, she was still asleep. Like any teenager, she was mortified that she wasn't wearing makeup.

We always say we're going to draw names, cut back on spending, buy fewer presents. But we never do.

We have a tradition that we all open one gift on Christmas Eve. But it's usually a gag gift, some kind of puzzle. This year's gift was a wooden puzzle that you had to take apart and put back together. John was the only one who managed to do it.

We open gifts one at a time in my family, youngest to oldest. So opening gifts takes a long time. I think we started about 11 am and finished about 3:30 pm. After that, there was champagne, finding batteries for gifts, and watching Up.

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