Thursday, August 13, 2009

Someone come rub my tummy

Internet friends (just like real friends, but more Internet-y), I am really full.

For dinner club yesterday, John and I made:

Pear tarts
Chicken rillettes, which we served with baguettes, croissants, pickled peppers, brie and pickles
Chocolate cake

It was all homemade except for the pickles. So not only am I full, but I am also exhausted.

After the tart, I wasn't all that hungry anymore, but I ate the rillettes and the accoutrements because it was SO GOOD. I kept telling everyone that I was going to throw up from eating to much. But I finished my dinner. And then I had a piece of cake. I know! I'm crazy! But look at that cake! It's so moist and delicious!

After everyone left, John and I laid in bed and bemoaned how terribly full we were. I started moaning to see if that would make me feel better, but that only made Buster come lick my face and stand on my stomach, neither of which helped me.

BUT! I have some exciting information! Kate told me that the sommelier at Il Sogno READ MY BLOG! OMG 34DFGH)r*(ugfklj! And he remember me! I am Internet famous!

So if you're reading Sommelier, hello! I wanted to go to dinner there on Friday, but I am afraid Il Sogno will be too busy! Alas! Some other time.

I'm gonna go lay down now.


Julie said...

Curses to not having a bigger stomach that can accommodate the occasional gorging that does not leave you feeling like you have to vomit after wards to sit comfortably. Your meal sounded so delicious.

Melita said...

your dinner sounded fantastic! and i hope something good comes out of the sommelier of il sogno reading your blog, you never know ;)


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